​​Blissfully Balanced


My name is Connie Bond and I am a Reiki Master and a Certified Massage Therapist.  In the 1990’s I moved from Batavia, IL to San Diego with Trav, my Jack Russell Terrier.  At 6 years of age Trav was unable to walk.  I began to seek Western veterinary medicine to cure him but this therapy was unsuccessful.  Eventually, I was able to find a few veterinaries in San Diego who practiced Eastern healing methods and who were able to help with Trav’s issue.  After only 3 acupuncture treatments, he was able to walk!  Prior to finding a veterinary acupuncturist, I felt helpless.  I wanted to help Trav feel better so I began  to lay my hands on him and think positive and loving thoughts.  I had no idea at the time but this was the start of my journey with Reiki and energy work.  Trav ended up living happily for another 9 years.  I love all beings and like to rescue as many as possible!

As an Information Technology professional, practical, rational, and logical is how my brain has always worked. After spending years in corporate America, and feeling like an intruder into the right-brained world, I began looking for something more.  Fast forward 10 years--I attended a spiritual center that offered classes in Reiki.  I learned about the special energy of Reiki and realized that this was what I had been doing to Trav all of those years ago.  I attended classes through Mastership and my life changed; I found my true calling...helping people feel better!    My journey moved me to learn Massage Therapy so I can help people even more by using energy work and massage techniques.   My passion for Massage is to help people feel better and less stressed.   I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP).  I love to learn and make education a way of life.

Let me help you feel better!   I customize each massage to what your needs are.  We work together for your self-care!  I now live in the Chandler/Sun Lakes, AZ area.  I can't wait to meet you and we can share our healing journey.

Trav, Trav Nation, Mr. GQ, Mr. Skywalker!

Contact me and let me show you how we can work together to make YOU feel amazing!



Sadie - ​Deceased

Roy - Deceased



Sparks - ​Deceased

Walter - Deceased

These are all the amazing animals I had the priviledge to share my life with!